Enriching your life in Christ through profound Christian Meditation
Tantric Christianity
Links to Christian Meditation sites:
The World Community for Christian Meditation  -  Representing the organization working with
the teachings of Fr. John Main, this is a great starting place for Christian Meditation.

The Thomas Merton Foundation - Various material from and about Fr. Thomas Merton;
Father Merton wrote extensively on the historicity  Christian meditation and on the mystical
traditions of Asia.  

Centering Prayer - A simple site reviewing both centering prayer and lectio divina.

Links to Buddhist Meditation sites:

The Blue Lotus Assembly - The parent organization for Stephen K Hayes' Buddhist training

Plum Village - the sangha (community of Buddhist practitioners) assembled by Thich Nat

Non-sectarian Meditation sites:

Relaxation Response Organization - Affiliated with Herbert Benson, M.D., this page has a
quick approach to eliciting the Relaxation Response.

The Sedona Method - Like the Heartmath material, not really meditation, per se, but a
helpful approach to letting go of emotional baggage that can inhibit further spiritual growth.
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