Christian Books on Meditation
These books are wonderful resources that work from a Christian perspective
on meditation, including both historic and more contemporary usage.
the Good Heart        
This book is a
transcription of a very
exciting event at which
a group of Christian
meditators, following
in the footsteps of
Abbot Thomas
Keating, met with the
Dalai Lama and
together discussed
several pivotal points
in the New Testament.
While not providing
much in the way of
technique, this classic
work by Merton makes
a great case for
engaging such a
A student of Thomas
Merton, James Finley
gives a nice treatment of
Christian contemplation.  
Lots of discussion
around what meditation
means and the impact it
can have on your life.  
Contemporary Non-sectarian Books on Meditation
The following books are useful in taking a view of meditation that is open to
spirituality, but not aligned with any particular creed.
Beyond the
Relaxation Response
The Heartmath
Herbert Benson has
done a very nice job in
this book of making
the basics of
meditation technique
very accessible, while
also recognizing the
outstanding potential
inherent in faith.
Doc Lew Childre
presents three
capable techniques
that help us unlatch
negative or unskillful
emotions.  Based on
awareness of the
'heart center', he
buttresses his claims
of therapeutic benefit
with plenty of Western
medical evidence.
Resources Highlighted in Tantric Christianity
Tantric Christianity
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Open Mind, Open
Father Thomas Keating
introduces the practice
of Centering Prayer in
this work.  He covers the
basics of 'how to' do
Centering Prayer.   He
does a nice job of  
making the practice  
accessible to anyone  
who is interested in this
historic mode of
Bringing Ancient Buddhist Technique to
Modern Christian Meditation
Modern Acoustic Entrainment Technologies
These CDs provide assistance in achieving specific brainwave frequencies.  
Immrama Institute Insight CD