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Welcome, and thank you for visiting TantricChristianity.com!
I get a lot of questions about meditation through this site:

    *  What IS meditation?

*  How can I meditate?
    *  Is there more than one kind of meditation?

           *  Are meditation and hypnosis the same thing?

    *  How can I meditate BETTER?

These and other commonly asked questions are easily
answered, but I wanted to put something together which could
give my readers a broad view of meditation - to really provide
you with a base from which to approach all your questions about
an interior spiritual practice (regardless of the spiritual tradition
you identify with).  

Simply enter your name and your email address at the top of
this page, and you will receive ten meditation lessons - one
emailed lesson a day for the next week and a half.  (Note: check
your inbox for the confirmation message; without completing that
step, I won't be able to send you your lessons).  

Some of the material is pretty basic.  Some of it will almost
certainly be new to you.  I hope all of it helps you better pursue
your meditation goals.  

Thanks again for visiting TantricChristianity.com.

As always - vigilate!

Chris B
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