Originally published December 23, 2008

Do you feel it?  We just hit bottom: not in politics or economics, but in the sun’s path through the sky.  Two days ago was the shortest day of the year, the day that we start to see a little more of the sun, receive a little more light each day. 

And in just a few days time we’ll be celebrating Christmas: for many, a day on which it is a bit easier to see a little more of the Son in our lives.  Perhaps see a little more of His light, and feel a little more of His warmth. 

It’s no coincidence that the new year, Christmas, and the winter solstice are all so close together.  Historically, they are linked, but just as importantly they are emotionally linked for us: in the same way that the northern hemisphere of the Earth is most completely blanketed in cold and dark before things turn around,  human feelings of being most surrounded by the cold and the dark of our problems peak just in time for the Son to bring light, warmth and love.  He brings a new beginning. 

This new beginning is, of course, the very reason that Christianity exists.   If we take the message of the Good News to heart, every day is a new beginning; every day is the day we see more Son light than the day before.  Every day can be Christmas.  That is the spiritual goal of all religions (though only Christianity focuses on Jesus as the source of that renewal).  Step out of old ways of relating to self, world, and God, finding new ways to relate to each. 

Obviously, I use tools like meditation to work on those relationships (see http://www.tantricchristianity.com/Articles.html  to see other thoughts on related methods), but others might work for you.  However you work on your relationship with the Divine, just be sure you are really working on it.  Over time, you will find the Christmas spirit really CAN be everywhere.  Revel in it. 

And, as you walk that path, vigilate!

Merry Christmas,