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Coherent content?  That might seem a little unexpected when talking about dreams, one of
the hallmarks of which is odd and nonsensical happenings.  In this context I’m referring to
dreams that have an identifiable theme or story line.  Contrast this with dream images that
don’t appear to be related or are remembered as a fuzzy jumble.  These fuzzy dreams are
difficult to work with, if not impossible, and are usually indicative of sleep that isn’t as restful
as we might like.  

If you already know this is a challenge for you, getting more sleep and eating lightly in the
evening will immediately start the clarification process.  Add some of the following practices
during the day and the stories in your dreams will rival anything you’ll see in the movie

The first issue is not really a practice, per se.  You won’t see much about it in modern
psychological works on dreaming, but is generally considered an essential element to any
spiritual pursuit.  If you would use your dreams, or any other discipline, to grow in your
understanding of the ultimate, a just and ethical life style is a requirement.  Reams have
been written about what a moral lifestyle entails, and this article won’t dig into the
particulars.  Simply understand that if you spend your days increasing your dependence on
creature comforts and worldly concerns your ability to see beyond those concerns will be
nearly non-existent.  More specifically, 'friendship' with dissolute individuals, the regular use
of intoxicants, or distracting yourself with mindless activities - these all run counter to your
goal of living with awareness and appreciation of your relationship with God.

While there is no pill you can simply take to become ethical, practices like dreaming, prayer
and meditation can all make such a lifestyle manageable.  "
But Chris", you ask, "didn't you
just say you can't expect a lot of progress in dreaming without an ethical lifestyle?  How can I
live a moral life so that I can meditate and dream well, if I have to meditate and dream well to
have a moral life?
"  Good question!  I'm glad you asked.  Each of the choices you make in
living your life strengthen or weaken each other.  So, while you are not likely to have
tremendous success with dreaming and meditating while living a life of distraction and sin,
making a real effort to dream (or meditate, pray, etc.) will make changing your life easier.  
And as your life changes and your choices mature you will find dreaming easier.  As
dreaming becomes easier, changing your life becomes easier.  Each of these approaches to
a spirited life support each other.  Life is rarely a cake walk, but when your wholesome
activities are mutually reinforcing you might be surprised at how quickly things can change
for the better.
Christian Dreaming
Bringing sleep into your spiritual practice
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In the same vein, spend some time just prior to going to bed engaging in some kind of stilling
mind before lying down.  Meditation is a great way to begin calming the mind; whether you
repeat a sacred word or use the
Relaxation Response settling the mind in this fashion is
very effective.   Another option available to those with a PC near their bed, or an MP3 or CD
player, is known as audio entrainment.

Certainly prayer can be one of the best means of turning inward and calming the mind
before bed.  I would suggest it be something a little more than a simple “Now I lay me down
to sleep, . . .”.  A short and simple little routine like this learned in childhood is fine, but it
probably won’t engage you enough, or last long enough, to really settle the mind and spirit
the way we are looking for.  Something like Centering Prayer or saying the rosary gives you
time to hand off some of your cares and worries to the Father and to head into your
nocturnal adventures traveling light.  

Finally, having conducted your day and set aside the rush of worry and anticipation before
bed, lie down and simply be aware of the space surrounding you.  This can be thought of as
a kind of meditation, but don’t bring such a degree of focus and conscious attention to this
you find yourself unable to sleep.  Unless you are just dead tired, you will likely catch your
mind wandering after a bit.  Simply remind yourself you are being aware of the space around
you and go back to that primary awareness.  Before long you will have fallen asleep, without
having all of your stresses and anxieties falling with you.

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While this practice in mindfulness will greatly improve the
clarity of your dreams, it will also Especially in our
bustling world where the ability to plan and guess what
the future holds is a huge asset, we can easily be trapped
by our own thoughts.  The irony is that when we get to be
too good at this we become separated from our actual
life.  Plugging back in to our true life invigorates the
magic that is everywhere, and it makes all the planning
worth while.  This should always be part of how you
evaluate whether a particular spiritual practice is for you,
or not.  Regardless of how holy or spiritual someone
improve the quality of your daylight life.  Especially in our
bustling world where the ability tells you something is, if
it makes your life less livable - it’s not.