Buddhist Books on Meditation
These books are wonderful resources that work from a Buddhist perspective
on meditation.
How to Practice
the Good Heart        
This book is a
transcription of a very
exciting event at which
a group of Christian
meditators, following
in the footsteps of
Abbot Thomas
Keating, met with the
Dalai Lama and
together discussed
several pivotal points
in the New Testament.
One of my favorite books
regarding practical
Buddhism, this book by
the Dalai Lama
elucidates the
underpinnings of
Buddhism.  He covers
the ethical system, the
philosophical system,
and the beginnings of a
meditative practice.
Calming the Mind
This book is purely about
stilling, one-pointed
meditation.  In fantastic
detail, Gen Lamrimpa
covers the various
considerations any
serious meditator would
do well to remember.  A
highly recommended
Resources Highlighted in Tantric Christianity
Tantric Christianity
Deity Yoga
This excellent book is
one of the first made
available to the general
public on the topic of
Deity Yoga, or generative
meditation.  Going
through much more
detail of this practice than
most Christians will be
interested in, it is never
the less a fantastic
resource for those
interested in the roots
Tantric Christianity
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The Attention
B. Allan Wallace has
trained extensively under
several great Buddhist
the Dalai Lama.  In this
book he take the reader
step by step through the
process of whetting your
mind can cut your mind
can cut through any
obstacle to through any
obstacle to real insight.  
real insight.  
The Buddha Nature:
Death and Eternal
Soul in Buddhism
A short work that is a series
of transcribed interviews with
the Dalai Lama, this book
does a marvelous job of
correcting numerous
misunderstandings of
Buddhist teaching, chief of
which is the thought that
Buddhist enlightenment is
effectively the elimination of
Bringing Ancient Buddhist Technique to
Modern Christian Meditation
Genuine Happiness
Wallace calls the 'greatest
hits of the Buddhist
meditative tradition' this
book presents a strong
set of exercises designed
to concentration,
mindfulness, and a
positive outlook.  Very
highly recommended.